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Response and Resilience Mid-Covid-19. Lets talk about it!

I think we all agree it’s been a strange, unsettling and sad few weeks and months during this global health emergency and Business Continuity incident. Thank goodness for Captain/Colonel Tom Moore keeping us going, encouraging us to think about tomorrow. Happy 100th Birthday Sir!

There is lots of good advice around in the BC & Resilience community about how to recover from our current situation. And it’s absolutely right that recovery is being considered from an operational perspective, although we are still a long way from ‘normal’, whatever that might mean.

My advice would be to tread carefully on planning your recovery to ensure it includes flexibility to cope with the still unknowns and uncertainties of Covid-19, and the subsequent fall out which might materialise into a reality which derails your recovery. We also still await to hear from the government on their guidance to businesses on reopening….and are you considering your plan for a second or even third wave of the virus, should it occur?

Even though we are still ‘mid-incident’ it’s likely you are already compiling the ‘lessons learned’ log. You should be using those lessons to not only improve the daily operations, but also be feeding them into a broader resilience strategy – i.e - the ‘After Covid’ (AC) shape of your organisation. That’s not to say you won’t want to keep some things which worked well, but don’t be afraid to be brave and radical – this is your unique ‘continuous improvement’ gift!

With the above in mind, Humanex Resilience is offering a free 1-hour discussion with you or your incident team. During the hour we will help you take stock of where you are and pull out any burning unresolved issues, as well as reflecting on what’s gone well and what made the successes a success.

We will also think about what might come next for the organisation – i.e. from a strategic perspective – whilst being mindful of the unknown, unknowns.

Think of it as a mid-incident ‘therapy’ session.

Confidentiality and no hard selling is a guarantee!

To book a free 1-hour slot, email

About Humanex Resilience…..

With over 15 years of specialist experience in resilience and continuity, you’d expect us to know a lot about business survival!  

What distinguishes us however, is the breadth of experience from carrying out resilience and continuity planning across multiple sectors, including Food & Drink, Manufacturing & Logistics, Financial & Information Services, Public Sector and Regulatory.

Within these sectors, we have been involved in, and led a huge variety of incidents, including major IT and cyber incidents, utility failures, logistics and supplier disruption, and most topically, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and Ebola.

We’ve also been involved in many resilience and continuity events and activities:

· Judging on the 2018 & 2019 Continuity, Insurance and Risk awards

· Participation in the review of BCI Best Practice Guidelines

· Speaking at industry events such as BCI World 2019 

· Scheduled to speak at BCI World 2020 (subject to the event going ahead)

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