How do you prepare your organisation?

Everyone in your organisation has a role to play in business resilience, continuity and incident response. Resilience and continuity are not just the preserve of senior management or certain individuals or teams. We will help you devise an awareness, training and exercise programme that involves staff at all levels (including technical/IT staff), with flexibility depending on their role and responsibilities. We also assist you in readiness for standard certification if that’s your requirement. 


Great organisations understand and value the role their staff play in making it successful, but a truly resilient organisation also knows how the people play a part when ‘business as usual’ is disrupted.

The Fledgling Programme

If you are at the start of your career in Resilience and Business Continuity, we are offering 3 FREE hours of coaching.


The only prerequisite is that you have been in the profession for less than 12 months (reference/evidence required). All we ask is that you have a keen interest in resilience and continuity and a willingness to learn. Limited availability. Contact us for further details.

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