Business Resilience and Continuity Consultancy Services - helping you plan for today's and tomorrow's challenges

Developing resilience and planning for operational disruption has never been more important. 


With over 15 years outstanding experience in business resilience and continuity, and many years in IT service continuity before that, you’d expect us to know a lot about business survival! 


What distinguishes us however is our extensive knowledge and understanding of resilience and continuity, gained from planning across multiple sectors, including Food & Drink, Manufacturing & Logistics, Financial & Information Services, Public Sector and Regulatory.


We’ve also led many live incidents, covering all types of disruption including major IT failure, cyber-attacks, pandemic (past and present!), animal disease, supplier failure, and utility failure. 


Our impressive experience of working in multiple sectors means we’re well aware of the disparate nature of risks to disruption. We know there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ and that adaptability and flexibility is key. We also realise that your suppliers are a vital part of your resilience and continuity capability and response – so we’ll ensure we incorporate them into your planning.


A key strength is the appreciation of how resilience and continuity results from teamwork – whether that’s business teams working together, or specialists/experts supporting your response – such as IT, Info Sec or Facilities. We will help you to develop an approach which uses plain language and not jargon, giving you a robust and straight forward plan to support your organisation through the toughest of times. 


Last but not least, we believe training and exercising is vital to giving you and your staff the confidence needed to bring your business resilience and continuity plans to life. We’ll develop a training and exercise schedule which suits your organisation and requirements. We’ll show you that training and exercising can be engaging and challenging (and even fun), whilst bringing out skills you didn’t even know you had.

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