Julie Goddard FBCI - founder of Humanex Resilience Ltd


What we do

We are a resiliency and business continuity consultancy service.


Our mission is to help you prepare for any kind of operational business disruption.  


We will assist you in understanding the biggest risks to your business, and in developing strategies and incident response plans to mitigate the impact. 


Our experience

With over 15 years of specialist experience in resilience and continuity, you’d expect us to know a lot about business survival!  


What distinguishes us however, is the breadth of experience from carrying out resilience and continuity planning across multiple sectors, including Food & Drink, Manufacturing & Logistics, Financial & Information Services, Public Sector and Regulatory.

We’ve also been involved in many resilience and continuity events and activities:

  • Judging on global awards panels for the BCI, and CIR magazine 

  • Participation in the review of BCI Best Practice Guidelines

  • Speaking at industry events such as BCI World and Global Summits

How we work

Working across various sectors means we’re well aware of the disparate nature of risks to disruption. We know there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ and that adaptability is key. We also realise that your suppliers are a vital part of your resilience and continuity capability and response – so we’ll ensure we incorporate them into your planning.


A key strength is the appreciation of how resilience and continuity results from teamwork – whether that’s business teams working together, or specialists/experts supporting your response – such as IT, Info Sec or Facilities. We will help you bring a coherent approach, using plain language and not jargon. 

The secret of success

We believe that one of the key secrets to success is the people. Yep, the humans! You can tick every standards box, have the best technology, produce plans, reports, and analysis documents – but without the skill, experience and knowledge of managers, staff and suppliers, your plans and procedures may never work when your business is in trouble.


We will help you educate and exercise them, whilst rehearsing your procedures and processes. You should also nurture the next generation of business resilience professionals - see the  ‘Fledgling Programme

We recognise your priorities

We’re well aware that businesses have many governance procedures to comply with – GDPR, Information Security, Health and Safety, risk and resilience etc. Senior teams in organisations have many priorities to juggle, so whilst we will require a certain level of commitment from your managers and staff to develop and embed resilience and continuity, we will agree a timescale with you that suits your environment.

Free initial consultation

For a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss how we can help deliver resilience to your organisation, please contact us